With centuries of combined construction experience, Trades Unlimited’s recruiting team searches nationwide for the greatest skilled craftsmen in the country and leases them to your construction company.

Founded in 2002, we have grown to be the industry leader in “Providing Skilled Craftsmen To The Construction Industry”. ®

We work with the contractor on each project to make sure their scope of work is done on time and is profitable for them. That is one of the many value propositions you get when you hire Trades Unlimited to solve your labor needs.
Let's get started!! John Stallworth
Founder, President & CEO
Trades Unlimited
The key thing is to have someone I can trust to provide me qualified people. "Quality" is someone trained to do the job we are requesting to be filled, not just sending someone who needs to work. Outsourcing firms call every day, but they just want to send us who they have available at the time. Price is not the issue (within reason). The quality of the worker is the issue. Trades Unlimited gives us their best men.

B. Schmidt - C.O. Christian Electrical Contractors